You can add all of your userbox requests here! Mostly any userbox you want to be made can just be added here and the admins can make it for you! Before you request any userboxes, please make sure it is not already made. You can check out all of the userboxes here.

Add Requests Here

Please add all of your requests here in bullet points. Please don't forget to put who is requesting and if the list is empty, please do not remove the existing bullet point.

  • Can the admins change the background to something more recent? Farkle and Riley especially look older so...

NOTE: You request a userbox by typing the userbox text, picture and the user who requests the userbox.

NOTE: Once a request has been accepted, it will no longer appear here. Instead it will appear in Accepted Requests (see below).

Accepted Requests

Only admins can accept a userbox, but it is their responsibility to make the userbox and make sure it is up on the userbox page as soon as possible.

  • Currently there are no accepted requests
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