Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1 of The Right Hand Guy consists of 13 episodes. The series was formally announced July 26, 2016.[1]

The season premieres on Disney Channel and Disney XD in Fall 2017 as slated.

Plot overview

Jeff Halsey is an eccentric pre-teen whose best friend is a clever girl named Katie. When Jeff discovers that his right hand has the ability to talk, he must accommodate his new companion (named Guy, short for "right-hand guy") wherever he goes. Guy proves to be a charismatic athlete whose charm and self-confidence turn Jeff and Katie into better people overall.


Main Cast

  • Steele Stebbins as Jeff Halsey and Guy
  • Jay Larson as Mr. Halsey
  • Julia Antonelli as Katie

Recurring Cast

  • Lacianne Carriere as Oriole
  • Arielle Gottesman as Colleen Archer


  •  ??/??/17 - Pilot - (101)
  •  ??/??/17 - 102 - (102)


  • This season consists of 13 episodes.
  • The show was formally announced on July 26, 2016. The first season will be directed by Cody Blue Snider, and produced by It's a Laugh Productions.


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